My Work

Book Cover    ART OF THE OKLAHOMA JUDICIAL CENTER was published in 2014 by the Supreme Court of Oklahoma. Text and photos explore the stories of nearly 100 pieces of public art on display at the Oklahoma Judicial Center. Copies are available for purchase from the Oklahoma History Center. Neil Chapman designed the book and photographed all the art pieces. His design was a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award last year. Cover art is by Caddo-Pottawatomi potter Jeri Redcorn. I’ve written a few posts about the book: Artistic Moments in Time and Welcoming Surprises.


FRONTIERS OF HEALING: A HISTORY OF MEDICINE IN OKLAHOMA COUNTY was commissioned by the Oklahoma County Medical Society in summer 2014. Text and photos trace the history of the medical profession in central Oklahoma from Territorial days to the present. It is due out from Legacy Publishers in December 2015. These posts discuss the research and writing process related to this book: Finding Connections, The Joy of Completion,

Articles: “Newlyweds Call Lighthouse Home” from Lighthouse Digest, July 2003 (see Natural Disasters post), Guest interview with Author Eric Pinder for Cynsations, November 2015

Works In Progress: PHOEBE FOGG AND THE CHRONOS APPARATUS is a 35,000-word completed middle grade novel set in 1903. Eleven-year-old adventurer and inventress Phoebe Fogg will do anything to be with her father – even freeze time to stow away on his airship. (status: completed, submitting)

SAVE THE SOURDOUGH a picture book exploring the unique connection San Francisco sourdough bread has to the devastating earthquake of 1906.