I’ve long been fascinated by airships, so I was particularly interested in the recent NBC Timeless episode featuring the Hindenburg.


Hindenburg from TIMELESS, NBC

(and there’s also time travel, another topic that really interests me – so I was pretty much glued to the television the entire episode)

Afterwards, I wondered how close they’d come to replicating the original. I quickly found a photo almost identical to the promo shot above.


Original Hindenburg

The explosion quickly ended passenger airship travel – thousands of passengers had been flying in airships in the three decades prior to this accident without a single injury. The Hindenburg had made 9 other trans-Atlantic flights and even more within Europe. Passengers traveled in luxury and made the Atlantic crossing faster than any other transportation available at the time. Dan Grossman at has done a fantastic job of compiling details and photos of the Hindenburg and other airships on his site. If airships intrigue you too, visit his site, and then pre-order his book ZEPPELIN HINDENBURG: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF LZ-129, due out in May.

I was also lucky enough to find this newsreel footage from May 6, 1937 – the Hindenburg’s final flight.

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